Vienna Replaces 'Walk' Symbols With Same-Sex Couples

Beth Anne Macaluso

Forget Paris. Thanks to a new traffic initiative, Vienna is proving itself to be the real city of love.

The Austrian capital has changed the “Walk”/“Don’t Walk” symbols at 49 of its intersections from the standard stick figure to same-sex couples, which are depicted holding hands or hugging on red lights, and crossing together on green.

The move was “targeted at raising awareness for traffic safety” in order to reduce the number of car accidents, a spokesman for the city told NBC. “But it is also pegged to the Eurovision Song Contest and the AIDS charity Lifeball in Vienna.”

From May 19 to 23, Vienna will host the beloved Eurovision Song Contest, which an Austrian transgender woman, Conchita Wurst, won last year.

By using same-sex couples on city stoplights, “Vienna is setting a signal for openness and tolerance,” the city's deputy mayor, Maria Vassilakou, said in a separate statement.

Walk this way for more on Vienna’s initiative.

[h/t NBC News]