6 Products That Celebrate and Support U.S. National Parks

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Many of us won't be able to travel to our beautiful national parks during the pandemic, but even if you can't visit places like the Grand Canyon National Park or Yellowstone National Park in person, rest assured that there are other ways to support them from home. We've gathered some unique products from different companies that all directly support the U.S. national parks through donations to help keep "America's best idea" thriving.

1. National Geographic x Parks Project Vintage Magazine Cover T-Shirt for Adults; $37

National Geographic/The Parks Project/ShopDisney

The Parks Project, which helps fund specific projects for different national parks, has teamed up with National Geographic for a clothing collection featuring items like hats and shirts. All the pieces utilize the iconic magazine's design while combining it with the Parks Project aesthetic. This T-shirt shows off the cover of the July 1979 issue of National Geographic celebrating the U.S. national parks.

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2. L.L. Bean Acadia National Park Graphic Boat and Tote; $60

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is all about outdoor clothing, so it's only natural that the company would eventually collaborate with the National Park Foundation for a fashion line. This collection features four different shirts and two tote bags, and with every purchase, 20 percent of your total will be donated to the foundation. This is all part of L.L. Bean's overall $3 million commitment to the parks.

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3. Field Notes: National Parks Series (Set of Three); $15

Field Notes/Amazon

Fields Notes has created national park notebooks that celebrate all the beauty these natural wonders have to offer. Each set comes with three notebooks, all of which sport a beautifully painted cover, and inside, you'll get a rundown of each park's history, including Zion National Park, Denali National Park, Sequoia National Park, Mount Rainer National Park, and more. Five percent of the money earned from each purchase goes to the National Parks Service.

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4. Cape Clasp Tikós Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Ocean Plastic Recycled Bracelet; $20

Cape Clasp/Amazon

Cape Clasp created a series of bracelets made from 100 percent recycled ocean plastics inspired by different national parks, including Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Cape Cod National Seashore, and Acadia National Park. The company also donates 15 percent of its profits from these bracelets towards the National Parks Foundation.

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5. US National Park Scratch-Off Map; $30

Epic Adventures Maps/Amazon

If you're looking for a more interactive way to log your adventures through the national parks, you'll want to check out this scratch-off map. It features 62 national parks, and whenever you visit a new one, you can just scratch off the foil covering to reveal an image of the park itself. Through a partnership with the National Forest Foundation, a tree will be planted in a national park for each map that's sold.

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6. Pendleton Grand Canyon National Park Blanket; $259


Pendleton has been supporting the U.S National Parks for over 100 years through their National Park Collection. There are plenty of pieces in this collection that will keep you warm, from blankets to boots to mugs, and a portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes to support the National Parks Foundation.

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