Make Your Own Gummy Candy With This Kitchen Gadget

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If you're one of those people who only eats a particular color of bear whenever you buy a bag of Haribos, then this gummy candy maker might be for you. This simple machine allows you to make gummy treats in whatever flavors and colors you want, so if you've ever wanted to confuse your loved ones with a purple-colored, orange-flavored bear, now's your chance. If you want to be a bit bolder, you can try your hand at vodka gummy bears for a boozy twist.

The gummy candy maker consists of silicone molds in bear (including a giant one), worm, and fish shapes, along with two pots with pour spouts to use with the heated base for melting gelatin.

To create your own gummy candy, you'll first make a gelatin mixture in the heated base. This is the phase to experiment with colors, flavors, oils, or wherever your imagination takes you. You can also try mixing in supplements like collagen or protein powders to get health benefits and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. Once the mixture is heated and melted, you just pour it into the molds (to get the candy to cool quickly, lay ice below the molds). Once they're cooled and solid, you can pop 'em out and put them into a bowl or bag.

You can find the gummy candy maker on Amazon for $30.

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