Stay Toasty, You Must: Cozy Up With Baby Yoda Slippers

Make others green with envy over these slippers.
Make others green with envy over these slippers. / Amazon/Robe Factory LLC
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Who has the cutest feet in the entire galaxy? Right now, that honor probably goes to The Child, everyone's favorite little green alien hailing from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda (more accurately, Grogu) is painfully adorable, and his wrinkly little face can be found on just about any product you can think of: tiki mugs, shirts, and more. That menagerie of items now includes slippers ($30) to help you keep toasty while you mill about the house watching Star Wars again for the 50th time.

Modeled after the alien infant riding in his hover pod carriage, these 3D plush slippers are made of 100 percent soft-touch polyester. But while they're cushy and squishy for maximum comfort, they're also safe, with anti-slip dots on the bottoms to keep you from slipping and sliding around like you're on the surface of Hoth.

May the Force be with your feet, always.
May the Force be with your feet, always. / Amazon/Robe Factory LLC

You can pick up these darling slippers on Amazon in three different sizes. And right now, you can save 30 percent, thanks to an instant coupon. That brings the slippers down to just $21—a small price to pay to keep one of the most adorable faces in the galaxy (literally) at your feet.

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