Sew Your Own Designs Onto This Compostable Phone Case

Pela Case
Pela Case / Pela Case
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The way we decide to dress our mobile devices can say a lot about our personality, and for the DIY crafters out there, Pela Case has a new stitch case for your smartphone that allows you to showcase your artistic talents.

Made from biodegradable flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer, this completely compostable product is the ultimate customizable and eco-friendly phone case out there. Designed with 0.8-millimeter holes on the back, you can thread your way to a design that's uniquely your own, whether you're opting for something scenic or more abstract. Even though the case doesn’t come with a needle and thread, Pela Case recommends you use size 3 to 5 embroidery needles and DMC cotton size 25 embroidery floss. The company also provides tips, tricks, and design templates you can follow, such as one of the night sky and another of a pine forest.

Pela Case

This stitch phone case is available for iPhones XR, 6/6s/7/8/SE, 11, and 11 Pro for $55 each. And Pela Case also goes the extra mile by donating a percentage of their sales to help protect the ocean through organizations like and the Surfrider Foundation.

Discover more about the Pela Stitch phone case on their website.

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