The Most Popular Disney Movies Around the World, Mapped

Michele Debczak
Travis Gergen Dugydlxvepm, Unsplash
Travis Gergen Dugydlxvepm, Unsplash / Travis Gergen Dugydlxvepm, Unsplash

Since getting its start in California, Disney has grown into a global phenomenon. People around the world enjoy movies from the company, and thanks to the launch of Disney+, its library is easier to stream than ever. To see how your taste in Disney films compares with the rest of the world, check out the map below.

To create this graphic, the UK-based Parkdean Resorts looked at Google data and determined which Disney+ movies people are searching for in different countries. Any American with children under 10 shouldn't be surprised to see Frozen (2013) as the most popular Disney title in the U.S. Elsewhere in North America, viewers prefer films that came out in the previous century. 101 Dalmatians (1961) is the top choice in Canada, and Pixar's A Bug's Life (1998) dominates search queries in Mexico.

Movie tastes in Europe vary, with Italians looking up Pixar's Cars (2006) and Germans searching for Mulan (1998). Ratatouille (2007) topping search data in France was one of the few cases of a country favoring a film that's set there.

After seeing which movie your home country is searching for, check out the most popular Disney princesses in each state.

Parkdean Resorts