Coveting a Keurig? Amazon's Version Is Less Than $60

Amazon / Amazon
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If you're the only person in the house or office who drinks coffee, chances are you've probably contemplated getting a Keurig. The allure of brewing a single, fresh cup of coffee whenever you want without having to deal with a traditional coffee pot would win over just about any java addict. However, if name brands aren't your thing (or your wallet's), Amazon now has its own single-serve capsule coffee maker for a fraction of the price.

Similar to the Keurig, the Amazon Basics Single Serve Capsule Coffee Maker ($53) helps add speed and practicality to your coffee routine. With just three buttons—power, small cup, large cup—this machine can simplify your morning coffee experience and help produce consistent cups of coffee by eliminating all that pesky user error. The machine is only about 7 inches wide, so it'll fit small counter spaces. It also has a removable capsule holder, drip tray, and water tank for easy cleaning and includes an auto shut-off feature.

The Amazon Basics Single Serve Capsule Coffee Maker is compatible with standard coffee pods from brands like Starbucks, Green Mountain, Keurig, and Lipton. If you're concerned about the plastic, there are ways to reuse the K-cups, or you can try out reusable K-cups.

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