Get Pizza with a Single Tweet

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Hey, busy millennials: Soon, tweeting a pizza emoji will lead to real pizza right in front of you. Domino's is rolling out a new feature that will allow Twitter users to just tweet a pizza emoji to place an order. While specifics on how the new system will work haven't been released, it looks like anyone will be able to just tag @Dominos in their tweet to take part.

The pizza company already has an app for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones that allows users to order with ease. The system is fast: If you log in, the app greets you by name, saves your information, and allows you to order your favorite pizza in about three clicks.

Tweeting out a pizza emoji will be even faster than that—it will take about five seconds to order a pizza. The first step is to link your Twitter profile with your Domino's account. Then, it's just a matter of tweeting an emoji and confirming your order through direct message.

Other companies have tried a similar systems. Most prominent was Starbucks' "Tweet-a-coffee" promotion, which allowed Twitter users to send their friends $5 gift cards and spurred $180,000 in purchases. Domino's will be the first company to make it a permanent part of their business.

It looks like no one is more excited about the new way of ordering than Domino's themselves, who has spent the past several days tweeting nothing but everyone's new favorite emoji.