Amazon seems to have an endless amount of DIY projects to choose from, but whether you consider yourself an expert carpenter like Ron Swanson or a world-class IKEA furniture master, this build-your-own cabin kit will put your skills to the test.

The Allwood Claudia Cabin Kit measures in at 209 square feet and is estimated to take about three to five days for two adults to assemble. In terms of materials, the $9700 cabin (or shed, if you prefer) is made of Nordic spruce wood planks and comes with wind braces and rubber silicone seals around the door and windows for added protection.


In every kit, you'll get a book of numbered photo directions, so you (hopefully) won't get too lost along the way, and it also includes all the nails, screws, steel rods, handles, and all double-glazed doors and windows you'll need. Floor and roof insulation is standard in each shipment, though you might need to add more for colder climates. Fortunately, the new 2020 model has a sturdy roof that can hold 90 pounds per square foot of snow.

A bonus about a DIY kit is that it is customizable. If you want to add a loft or create an extension, there are separate planks that you can buy to deck this place out. Since this cabin kit is just to build the structure, you'll get to personalize the inside with paint, wallpaper, decor, and appliances once you're finished.

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