Nothing Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” Like Heart-Shaped Carbs, Courtesy of Dash’s Mini Waffle Maker

A food that says "I love you" for you.
A food that says "I love you" for you. / Amazon/Dash
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As all hopeless romantics know, the best way to tell someone you love them is over a plate of syrup-soaked, heart-shaped waffles. You can, of course, whip up some regular-shaped waffles and use a cookie cutter or a knife to make them into hearts. Or you could simply arrange multiple round or square waffles into the shape of a heart.

But since Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, you might want to take your beloved’s breakfast to the next level. And by that we mean buy a mini waffle maker that makes perfect heart-shaped waffles with no extra effort on your part. As SimpleMost reports, this red one from Dash requires no set-up and pops out 4-inch waffles in just slightly more time than it takes to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Food tastes better when it's a fun shape.
Food tastes better when it's a fun shape. / Amazon/Dash

While the indulgent nature of waffles makes them a fitting meal for the traditionally sugar-filled holiday, there are plenty of other dishes you can use the appliance for—heart-shaped hash browns, paninis, cinnamon rolls, quesadillas, and brownies are all fair game. As for its efficacy, the many glowing reviews on Amazon can probably convince you even better than we could.

“As a home cook who spends at least three hours every day in the kitchen and reads extensively on food, restaurants, and cuisine, you could say I've developed enough knowledge to be skeptical of anything that claims to bring you happiness for less than $15,” one customer wrote. “However, I must say this product has been a spark of light to evolve my jaded ways… I couldn't be happier with it!”

You can order a Dash mini waffle maker from Amazon.

[h/t SimpleMost]