Where Subway Sandwiches Rule


Image Credit: FlowingData

In world of fast food, Subway is the one sandwich to rule them all. The chain has more than 43,800 stores in 110 countries, with more on the way—that's even more than McDonald’s. About 27,000 of those Subway locations are in the U.S., guaranteeing that most Americans can throw a rock in any direction and hit a sandwich board advertising $5 footlongs. 

To what extent does Subway dominate America’s sandwich scene? Take a look at these infographics from Flowing Data, which show exactly where Subway overwhelms its competition by sheer quantity. The map above shows where Subway is the nearest major sandwich-purveyor in a 10-mile radius across the U.S. 

And here’s the data separated out to show the geographical spread of Subways versus other regional sub makers, like Potbelly (concentrated in Chicago, D.C., and a few other places) and Blimpie (located mostly on the Eastern seaboard).

Image Credit: FlowingData

The American dream runs on 6-inch BMTs stuffed with chopped iceberg lettuce. Now, if only more of those Subway sandwich shops could be subway transit stations

[h/t: FlowingData]

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