The One With All the Recipes: Whip Up a Sitcom-Quality Meal With the Official Friends Cookbook

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We're all well aware that Joey doesn't share food, but you can enjoy some of his favorite snacks with the official Friends cookbook. Whether you're the ultimate Friends binge-watcher or you just need a gift for a fellow fanatic, this cookbook has recipes, full-color photography, quotes, and illustrations that pay homage to the show.

The cookbook has over 70 recipes inspired by the popular '90s sitcom, including tips on how to make dishes seen in the show like Monica's Moist Maker, George Stephanopoulos's pizza (or "George Snuffleupagus" if you must"), and The Joey Special (two pizzas). Or you can opt for a dish that references a famous line from the show, like Rachel's Lobster Rolls.

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Each recipe one also lists the episode it comes from, so you can watch—and eat—along with your favorite characters.

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