15 Clickbait TV Guide Covers From the '80s

Jake Rossen
TV Guide
TV Guide / TV Guide

Before the advent of onscreen programming listings, the digest-sized TV Guide was read by over 17 million people. Subscribers often got more than just set reports from ALF and channel schedules in microscopic font: the magazine held a strong editorial viewpoint during the 1980s. Check out these 15 inflammatory covers that likely ruffled some public relations feathers.

1. Everyone is On Drugs (1981)

2. Strange Political Criteria (1981)

3. Judging Child Performers (1987)

4. The Time They Almost Gunned Down Moses (1987)

5. The Dangers of Being Too Smart (1988)

6. ... And Too Blonde (1982)

7. Things Are Getting Salty on the Set of Remington Steele (1984)

8. The Subliminal Meaning of Three’s Company (1983)

9. Really Sticking It to Erik Estrada (1983)

10. …and George Peppard (1985)

11. Teasing Bob Hope’s Concussion (1983)

12. That Time Morley Safer Pretended to Solve a Fictional Murder (1984)

13. Someone Really Has a Problem with Erik Estrada (1982)

14. There is a Disconnect Between This Statement and This Show (1984)

15. Apropos of Nothing, a Dapper Ape (1983)

All images courtesy of TV Guide