Futuristic Locket Gives You Access to Unlimited Pictures

atrefact / atrefact

As wearables continue to grow in popularity, the desire for more sleek and stylish gadgets increases. Purple by Artefact is a contemporary spin on the classic locket that allows its owner to see endless pictures from friends and family with the flick of a finger.

The high-tech pendant connects to your social media wirelessly so you can import pictures and messages shared by your friends. Along with the necklace, Purple has a companion app that lets you customize what shows up on your locket. The library allows you to organize your media and pick what you share and what can be shared. You can even put a personal spin on the pictures by adding filters, graphics, and effects.

Considered fashion first and technology second, Purple is truly a gorgeous piece. Its simplistic design comes from materials like platinum, silver, gold, and brushed brass. To keep the pendant looking minimalistic, there is no USB port; users simply drop it into its ceramic charging box to recharge the battery. The black back allows for inductive charging.

The invention has been designed to capture the nostalgic feeling of classic lockets, but with modern technology. Purple can still be worn and cradled like a regular locket and has been made to resemble an heirloom.

"Purple invites you to take a peek at what’s inside, pause from your hectic daily life and smile at a moment you share with the people who matter most," the website says.

While this delightful necklace is not available for purchase yet, you can monitor the progress here