11 Products Every Tea Lover Should Check Out

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Tea drinking is steeped in tradition, but it doesn’t have to be so stodgy. In fact, there are tons of new accessories, teas, and tools available that will make the experience more enjoyable, easier, and even more delicious. Whether you’re looking for something to enhance your own daily “cuppa” or need a gift for the tea fanatic in your life, this carefully curated collection is sure to have something so perfect it will seem like serendipi-tea.

1. Loose-Leaf Tea Assortment; $27


There are tons of loose-leaf tea sets out there, but most simply offer a chance to try a blend someone else created. For something a little more personalized, check out this tea sampler by Solstice Tea Traders that comes with two tins of rooibos, green tea, and black teas, as well as tins of five herbal flavorings (lemongrass, ginger, rose petals, lavender, and hibiscus). The set also includes one empty tin to blend custom flavors like lemongrass and ginger black tea or hibiscus and rose rooibos.

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2. Mandalorian Tea Sets; $14

Republic of Tea/Amazon

Brewing some of this Mysterious Black Tea might make someone exclaim “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold!” as they decide whether they want their tea hot or iced—but this is the way when a Star Wars fan gets their hands on one of the limited-edition Republic of Tea blends based on The Mandalorian. For those who aren’t big on black tea, there’s also The Warrior Herb Tea or The Child Green Tea (children shouldn’t drink caffeinated tea, but considering that Grogu is estimated to be around 50 years, he should be fine).

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3. Half-Moon Teapot; $15


For those who value the Zen qualities of a good cup of tea, using blooming teas is a great way to enhance the aesthetic side of the experience. Drop a flowering tea ball into the teapot and add hot water, then watch as it blooms right before your eyes. This Half-Moon teapot doesn’t just limit you to flowering teas; it also has a removable filter for loose-leaf teas so that you can use it for all your favorite brews.

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4. Kitty Tea Infuser; $10

Fred and Friends/Amazon

Novelty company Fred has created quite a few charming infusers that give tea drinkers a new friend to help them further enjoy their favorite loose-leaf brews. While the Manatea and Como Tea Llama are both cute, perhaps no animal is a better companion for someone relaxing with a cup of tea than a cuddly kitty like the one seen in this Purrtea infuser.

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5. Iced Teapot; $29


While teabags and tea balls are easy to use, true tea fans know that leaves should be allowed to float around on their own for maximum flavor infusion. But many people don’t enjoy the tiny leaf bits that tend to end up at the bottom of their cups. That’s where the IngenuiTEA teapot comes in. The device uses gravity to gently strain out the leaves and sediment without bruising or restraining the leaves as they steep. Simply add tea and hot water to the teapot, let it sit until ready, and then place it over your cup before opening the valve to let perfectly brewed tea out. For iced tea, adjust the ratio of tea-to-hot-water and pour into a cup filled with ice.

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6. Assorted Tea Drops; $36


Despite all the efforts some people make to keep tea-leaf sediment out of their cups, some people enjoy a final fiber-filled sip at the end of their tea. In fact, this residue is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

For those who have no negative sentiments about sediments, these adorable Tea Drops make brewing easier than ever with 20 percent less waste than tea sold in bags. Simply drop one into your mug, add some hot water, and stir. The teas come in many flavors, including pineapple chamomile, pumpkin spice, ginger peach, orange cinnamon, and chocolate Earl Grey. There are both sweetened and unsweetened varieties as well as caffeine-free options.

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7. Electric Water Kettle; $40


Serious tea drinkers appreciate the simplicity and speed of a dependable electric kettle. This model from Cosori boils 1.7 liters (seven cups) of water in as little as three minutes and lets you know it's ready by turning a beautiful shade of electric blue.

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8. Tea Bag Pocket Mug; $34

Uncommon Goods

There’s nothing wrong with the simplicity of a traditional tea bag, except that the tea bag itself can be annoying if you don’t have a trash can handy. This lovely stoneware mug has the perfect solution with its own built-in tea bag pocket.

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9. Banned Book Coffee Mug; $16

Unemployed Philosopher's Guild/Amazon

This banned book coffee mug celebrates some of the most commonly banned and well-loved books throughout history, including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Howl and Other Poems, Lolita, Lady Chatterley's Lover, and more.

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10. Tea Leaf Reading Kit; $23

Uncommon Goods

Tasseography is a form of divination that uses leftover leaves from a cup of tea to predict the future. This tea leaf reading kit will entertain both those fascinated by ancient mysticism and those who never heard of the practice before Harry Potter. The kit comes with a mug, some black tea, a dictionary of symbols, and instructions on reading the leaves.

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11. Bubble Tea Kit; $38

Uncommon Goods

For some people, bubble tea is one of life’s great indulgences, but getting to a local Thai restaurant or boba tea shop isn’t always convenient or cost-efficient. This DIY kit solves that problem by making it easy to create your own milk tea and chai tea tapioca tea drinks at home. It even comes with two reusable metal straws large enough for those precious boba bubbles.

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