Camera Case Takes Pictures of What Dogs Get Excited About

Rebecca OConnell
nikon / nikon

We all know what humans like to take pictures of—friends, food, sunsets—but what would happen if you gave a dog a camera? It turns out, mostly the same thing. 

Nikon's new project, adorably named Heartography, outfits dogs with a special harness that can read heartbeats and sends that data via Bluetooth to a connected camera, which snaps a photo when the pup's heartbeat passes a certain threshold. They put the apparatus on a dog named Grizzler, who now has the distinction of being the first-ever canine photographer. 

They unleashed Grizzler into the world to see what pictures he would take. Here are the wonderful results, which show that Grizzler was excited by things like crabs, cats, pigeons, his food dish, and other dogs: