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A Gorgeous and Extensive Video Game Map

Rebecca OConnell

iam8bit is now selling a delightfully gorgeous video game poster that puts all of your favorites in one world. “When we compare the spaces, places, and landmarks of videogames to the regions found on Earth, we find mountain ranges, deserts, oceans and ruins—just like our Swiss Alps, Sahara, Pacific and Stonehenge,” the website says. 

The map includes over 100 different video games, spanning from old classics (such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Dragon Quest) to modern favorites (Monument ValleyAnimal Crossing: New Leaf). Each game gets its own region that is characterized by key architecture or geography. Painted by Edison Yan (the art director on Scribblenauts) fans will have fun finding more and more of their favorite games scattered around the map.

As fans have pointed out, there are some typos in the pictures: Maelstorm should be Maelstrom and the Caucausus Mountains should be Caucasus Mountains. Luckily, iam8bit has confirmed that the posters being sent out have the correct spelling. 

If you need more motivation to go out and get this awesome map, 10 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation Scholarships. You can order it here

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