Looking for a magical new read? Already burned through every single piece of Harry Potter lore you can get your hands on? Quench your thirst for new Potter books with this upcoming line of titles from Insight Editions. Releasing in March, these four engrossing reads should keep any hardcore fan engaged for hours, whether you want to create some fun crafts or learn a little more about the lore of the Wizarding World. Just be sure you don't leave any of these books out for any muggles to pore over—who knows what might happen then? You can see more about each book below.

Crafting Wizardry: The Official Harry Potter Craft Book; $25

You don't need magic to whip up these crafts.Amazon/Insight Editions

This crafting tome is a must-have for anyone looking to fill their home with handmade magic. It includes over 25 crafts for a range of skill levels, including a DIY wand, pop-up illustrations, and house decorations to make sure everyone who visits knows where you land in terms of Potter alliances. Each project also comes with clear, illustrated instructions so you won't even have to use a Remembrall to make sure you've cleared all the steps. This title is available for pre-order now and will officially come out on March 23.

Harry Potter: Exploring Diagon Alley; $30

Take a look inside the Harry Potter film franchise.Amazon/Inside Editions.

Head into the bustling Diagon Alley with this detailed tour of the most magical destination young wizards ever dream of visiting. Comprised of a variety of full-color illustrations, this book explores Diagon Alley as seen in the Harry Potter film series, pointing out destinations like the vaults of Gringotts to the various wands of Ollivanders. You're sure to learn more about the lay of the land after finishing this brightly colored walk through the area. You can pre-order the book now before it gets released on March 9.

Gryffindor Magic: Artifacts from the Wizarding World; $25

Show your love for everything Gryffindor with this artifact showcase.Amazon/Insight Editions

Are you bursting with Gryffindor pride? Let your inner lion roar with this official guide to Gryffindor facts, collectibles, movie trivia, and secrets taken from behind the scenes. Learn all about what makes the noblest house of them all tick, and keep the knowledge with you at all times with this useful little handbook. Head here to pre-order it before its March 2 release date.

Slytherin Magic: Artifacts From The Wizarding World; $25

If you're a Slytherin fan, there's much here for you to dissect.Amazon/Insight Editions

Slither into this book (not sorry for that tired pun) and check out this official series of artifacts, collectibles, and trivia from the sneaky house of Slytherin. Check out the history behind your favorite house of forked tongues and learn all about its various secrets and intriguing bits and bobs over the years. You may very well come away with something you didn't know. You can also pre-order this title, which will ship on March 2.

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