Driving on Icy Roads in Winter Never Looked Less Fun Than in This Supercut

NicolasMcComber, iStock via Getty Images
NicolasMcComber, iStock via Getty Images / NicolasMcComber, iStock via Getty Images

Reckless driving and icy conditions don't mix. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, hundreds of people die in weather-related accidents each year. If that statistic doesn't convey how dangerous it is to drive on icy roads, the supercut of car accidents below might do the trick.

This video, edited by the YouTube channel King of the Road and reported by HuffPost, contains numerous examples of wintertime driving gone wrong. Cars, trucks, and buses are shown slipping and sliding on icy and slushy roads. Some motorists are able to recover before disaster unfolds, while others aren't so lucky.

Many drivers experienced conditions like those below as snow blanketed snow parts of the country throughout the first week of February. In Iowa, nearly 40 vehicles were involved in an interstate pileup. Dozens more crashes were reported across the state on Thursday, February 4.

If you're still brave enough to get behind the wheel after watching the video, read up on these tips for driving on winter roads first.

[h/t HuffPost]