Nintendo Just Hired a Guy Named Bowser

Jake Rossen
Business Wire (Doug Bowser) / Nintendo (Bowser)
Business Wire (Doug Bowser) / Nintendo (Bowser) / Business Wire (Doug Bowser) / Nintendo (Bowser)

In a bold move, Nintendo of America announced today that they’ve reached a strategic truce with Bowser: Doug Bowser, who was named Vice President of Sales.

Bowser was formerly with Electronic Arts and Proctor & Gamble. At Nintendo, he’ll be responsible for maintaining retailer relationships while enduring good-natured prodding about sharing a name with Mario’s nemesis before it eventually gets so tiresome he’ll tell people, “It’s just Doug.” (Nintendo claims Bowser is “no relation to the King Koopa and Mario’s longtime nemesis” and “brings decades of experience, not fire breath” to his new role.)

Bowser is not the only employee with the ability to send co-workers into giggle fits. Yoshi Ludwig works in Nintendo’s Redmond, Washington headquarters as a bilingual technician; Anny Kong is a senior manager in sales. If anyone out there is named Soda Popinski, you should head to Seattle. Guaranteed work.