This Crowdfunded Cast-Iron Skillet Is Designed for Everyday Use

Crowd Cookware
Crowd Cookware / Crowd Cookware
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You may have heard people sing the praises of the durability and versatility of cast-iron skillets. However, an entire skillet made of cast iron means there are two main issues: some models can be quite heavy, and their handles can get nearly as hot as the pan itself.

Crowd Cookware, a Netherlands-based company specializing in developing cookware with ideas crowdsourced from a community of kitchen enthusiasts, wants to help solve these problems.

The company's new Buccaneer Skillet, available via Indiegogo, uses an innovative pressed-casting technique, which they say “ensures thinner walls and 50 percent less weight than a traditional cast-iron skillet without compromising on performance.” The Buccaneer Skillet also has a stainless-steel handle that was originally created for Crowd Cookware's Blackbeard frying pan, a previous campaign. Utilizing feedback from their community, the handle has been perfected and optimized for a better grip and to stay cool (except when used in an oven).

The skillet's surface has a honeycomb pattern to enlarge the cooking area and allow for better food distribution, which creates an improved non-stick cooking experience. And, yes, the skillet is also dishwasher-safe—although Crowd Cookware recommends hand-cleaning for prolonged use.

You can reserve your very own Buccaneer Skillet on Indiegogo with a minimum pledge of about $107 for the 9.5-inch model. For around $119, you can get the 11-inch skillet, and around $190 will get both sizes. Worldwide shipping is estimated to start in August 2021, and you can claim your own here.

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