It’s no surprise that much of 2020 compelled people to retreat to their favorite comfort foods. In addition to ordering pizzas, burgers, and other fast food fare, people also took to Google to look up recipes.

The people at recently decided to take a closer look at what sorts of decadent dinners were the most popular in each state. The formula was simple: They drew up a list of 100 common comfort foods, then used Google Trends to see which were the most heavily searched around the country in 2020.

The most popular comfort foods in each state.e-conolight

While it’s easy to spot some regional trends on the map, grilled cheese appears to cross state borders. It popped up as a favorite in California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. Chicken and waffles scored in Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina.

Searching for the most popular main dishes had some different results. In many states, pizza is king.

The most popular main dishes in each state.e-conolight

For food facts on side dishes and desserts, head over to

[h/t Time Out]