Piece Together Some Tranquility With These Calm Puzzles

Slow things down and take some time out for puzzle fun.
Slow things down and take some time out for puzzle fun. / Amazon/Spin Master Games
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Spending an excessive amount of time indoors these days can be mentally taxing. Add on everyday stressors like work, kids, and a litany of other concerns, and sometimes it can get to be too much.

Whether you're looking to lessen your stress or just need something to keep your mind occupied while you're inside, Spin Master and the meditation app Calm have the perfect pastime: Calm Puzzles ($15).

Calm Puzzles are a combination of high-quality puzzles and mindful relaxation techniques. Each puzzle features a photo of a zen landscape with 300 unique pieces to put together. Every piece comes in a distinct shape and is designed for a quick and satisfying snap as you place it.

Exercise mindfulness with one of Calm's relaxing puzzles.
Exercise mindfulness with one of Calm's relaxing puzzles. / Amazon/Spin Master

You can complete the 18-inch-by-24-inch puzzles in a couple of hours, but you can go at your own pace. The idea is that these puzzles should be relaxing to put together, as opposed to the 1000-piece sets on the market that are designed to test your nerves. Just zone out, gaze upon the beautiful landscapes, and find joy in the pleasant snap of the pieces coming together.

If you're interested in further exploring de-stressing techniques, you'll get a 30-day subscription to the Calm app with your puzzle. Try out breathing techniques and listen to serene sounds while completing your puzzle.

You can pick up your own puzzle on Amazon in three different scenes: Jasper Lake, Quiver Tree, or Arroyo del Salto. Each arresting destination should help you unwind as you piece together the calming photo you've chosen.

Just remember to carve out some time for yourself in this busy world. Your mind (and body) will thank you later.

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