This Corporate Headquarters Looks Exactly Like the USS Enterprise

Beth Anne Macaluso

For one tech company in China, the future is now—and it looks a lot like the USS Enterprise.

The headquarters of NetDragon Websoft, a gaming firm based in the country’s south-eastern province of Fujian, bears a striking resemblance to Star Trek’s iconic spaceship. According to Mashable, the firm’s "uber Trekkie" chairman planned it that way. Before construction began, Liu DeJian reached out to CBS for licensing permission, which they granted. Thanks to his efforts, the resulting $160 million structure—which took six years to complete—is the only officially-licensed Star Trek replica building in the world.

There are Enterprise-inspired touches inside the building, as well, such as 30-foot metal slides stretching from the third to the ground floor, and automatic sliding gates that cordon off work areas. In a non-Trek-related nod to the past, there's also a model of a T. Rex—his name is Stan.

Employees at other tech companies are encouraged to live long and prosper, too, but they don't get to work in a building resembling one of pop culture's most beloved spacecraft. And they don't have Stan.

[h/t The Telegraph