This Heating Pad Wraps Around Your Neck, Back, and Shoulders to Keep You Toasty at Home

RENPHO/Amazon / RENPHO/Amazon
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If simply draping a blanket around your shoulders isn't keeping you warm enough during the winter, now you can pick up a heating pad designed to wrap across your upper body, making it the perfect way to stay nice and toasty as temperatures drop. This extra-large heating pad from RENPHO basically hugs your neck, shoulders, and back, and comes with a remote that allows you to control the exact temperature and length of your heating cycle.

The $46 heating pad measures 24 inches by 33 inches and is made from soft flannel that is machine washable. The attached collar provides optimal heat from your neck and shoulders down to your lower back, while the weighted edges and waist tie keep it all in place. Just be aware that this isn't a wireless heating pad, so you'll need to stay plugged in to keep warm.

The controller allows for six different heat levels, ranging from about 100°F to about 150°F, and three time settings of 30, 60, or 90 minutes. You don’t even need to worry about forgetting to turn the heating pad off when you put it away since there is an auto-shut-off function to avoid any accidents.

Head on over to Amazon to learn more about RENPHO.

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