Experience the World Through Anthony Bourdain's Posthumous Travel Guide Book

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Anthony Bourdain is one of the most beloved food personalities and well-known world travelers of the 21st century. The renowned chef, author, and television host’s dry wit, passion for travel, and gift for empathy resonated with people around the globe, and his death in 2018 left a void in the hearts of many fans of his work.

But Bourdain still has something to teach all of us with the posthumous release of a travel guide book, World Travel: An Irreverent Guide ($20), published in April 2021. Bourdain began writing the travel guide prior to his death, and it was completed with the help of his former assistant, Laurie Woolever, and some of his closest friends and colleagues.


This 480-page book is a collection of some of Bourdain’s favorite places to travel to, like Buenos Aires, Tanzania, and Paris. The guide provides practical advice on where and when to go, what to eat, and what to see. It’s also supplemented with essays by Bourdain’s friends, colleagues, and family. These include “sardonic accounts of traveling with Bourdain by his brother, Christopher; a guide to Chicago’s best cheap eats by legendary music producer Steve Albini, and more.” Each chapter is accompanied by illustrations by Wesley Allsbrook.

While international travel and adventure is more difficult during the time of COVID-19, everyone from the well-traveled to the wanting-to-be-well-traveled can have the chance to experience the world through the lens of Anthony Bourdain.

The book World Travel: An Irreverent Guide is now available on Amazon and is currently on sale.

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