Sorry Charlie: The Queen Won't Buy You FA Cup Tickets

Hannah Keyser
Getty Images, Rebecca O'Connell
Getty Images, Rebecca O'Connell / Getty Images, Rebecca O'Connell

Charlie Pearce is a man who will do almost anything to secure tickets to see his favorite team, Arsenal, play Aston Villa in the FA Cup Final May 30. That includes asking Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself for a little help.

In early May, Pearce sent a letter to Buckingham Palace, telling the Queen just how excited he is for the game. For her part, the Queen was charmed by his request for two tickets—one for him, and another for his buddy Leo Murphy—but not enough to use her monarchical powers to secure him two seats inside London's Wembley Stadium.

The Queen, as conveyed by Senior Correspondence Officer Mrs. Sonia Bonici, sent Mr. Pearce a note which read, "warm wishes to you and your friend Leo for the future." Sadly, there were no tickets enclosed.

Maybe David Cameron will prove to be more sympathetic?