How Pickles Conquered the World

By Editorial Staff
Ruslan Mitin, Shutterstock
Ruslan Mitin, Shutterstock / Ruslan Mitin, Shutterstock

Pickles aren't just something you get with your sandwich at the deli. Since ancient times, civilizations have relied on pickling to extend the shelf lives of fish, vegetables, and all kinds of otherwise perishable food items. They've also had some famous fans throughout history. Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon Bonaparte have all touted the power of a good pickle.

In the latest episode of Food History, host Justin Dodd explores the history of all things pickled, from kosher pickles to kimchi. If you've ever wondered how pickling induces fermentation, or what pickles have to do with storks, then watch the video below. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with the latest episodes.