Watch a Slow-Motion Video of 'the World’s Largest Balloon' Being Popped

Michele Debczak
taffpix/iStock via Getty Images
taffpix/iStock via Getty Images / taffpix/iStock via Getty Images

At every birthday party, there always seems to be one kid who can't resist popping balloons in the most obnoxious way possible. The video below is what happens when those kids grow up into adults with a successful YouTube channel.

As Nerdist reports, the team from How Ridiculous inflated what they claim is the world's largest balloon—and then they immediately captured the world's largest balloon pop on camera. To pull off the stunt, they brought weather balloons into the RCA Arena in Perth, Australia, and hooked up them to a high-powered air blower.

You can watch them blow up a few test balloons before inflating the biggest one they have past its limits. The massive balloon stood at a maximum height of 41 feet before exploding. In reality, it popped in a split second, but the How Ridiculous crew replays the dramatic moment in glorious slow motion for us. Yellow paint powder added to the balloon leaves a perfect, spherical cloud in its wake, so you can see how big it was even after the material tears apart. Check out the chaotic scene as it plays out below (after lowering the volume on your device, of course).

[h/t Nerdist]