Make a Single Cup of Coffee or Tea Directly in a Mug With This Portable Brewing Tool

FinalPress/Kickstarter / FinalPress/Kickstarter
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The more tools you need to brew a cup of coffee means the longer it takes for you to leave the non-caffeinated (and more unpleasant) version of yourself behind so you can tackle the morning. FinalPress has created a sustainable, portable, and easy-to-use way for you to get caffeinated without the need for clunky machines and wasteful coffee pods—and until March 19, you can support them on Kickstarter.

The system is similar to a tea infuser. The laser-cut FinalPress filter works with fine coffee grounds and tea leaves to let you brew a single cup directly into your mug without using a machine. Simply fill the filter halfway with your ground coffee or tea leaves, swirl it in a cup of either hot or cold water for 10 seconds, and leave it for four minutes to steep. Once it's ready, use the stainless-steel plunger to get the final drops out, similar to a French press.


Since the filter is metal, you’ll be saving money and helping the environment by not buying pods, coffee filters, or tea bags. The design of the FinalPress makes it collapsible and easy to transport in its carrying container that can fit in any backpack, purse, or pocket. Since hot water isn’t even required, this is an excellent tool for those wanting to brew coffee while camping or on a road trip.

There are multiple ways you can support the project. As a super early-bird special, you can contribute at least $49 to get a FinalPress with the filter and carrying case, in addition to a mason jar lid fit for the tool. Once the early-bird special ends, you’ll need to contribute at least $80 for the same package. If you contribute at least $92, you’ll get two of everything available in the first tier.

The FinalPress campaign is on Kickstarter with a deadline of March 19. Shipments will hopefully go out in May 2021.