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Dive Into Amazon's Launchpad Page for Cutting-Edge Products From Small Businesses

Elaine Selna
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Amazon's broad marketplace is filled with all the biggest name brands imaginable for electronics, home goods, and more. But if you want something a little more niche, head to Amazon's Launchpad page, which focuses on bringing unique and innovative small businesses and entrepreneurs to the forefront.

The Amazon Launchpad has all the same categories as the general marketplace, but its offerings are strictly tailored to up-and-coming products and companies. So, for example, instead of the big-box skincare brands you traditionally find on Amazon, Launchpad will direct you to something like Mother's Shea, a family-owned shea butter brand that uses sustainably sourced ingredients from Ghana. To add to this more personalized experience, the Launchpad page even features a Meet the Launchers section where you can learn about the people behind these brands.

For those looking for the best of the best or a great deal, Launchpad has plenty to show you. The Amazon Launchpad 4-Star store highlights some of the best-reviewed offerings, while the Amazon Launchpad Coupons page collects limited-time deals. There is even a section for Shark Tank and Indiegogo products, like the crowd-funded TOWNEW self-sealing and self-changing trash can currently on sale for less than $100. And if you want to focus your search on women-owned businesses, there's an entire section curated just for that. Here, you'll find products from Marbotic, an educational toy company started by Marie Mérouze, a former engineer for an online tutoring company.

You can check out Amazon's Launchpad page here. And for other deals, make sure to check out Amazon's most-loved products page, warehouse section, coupon page, and outlet store.

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