Math Hacks That Will Give You An Edge in Monopoly


We've already told you how to use statistics to gain the upper hand in Rock-Paper-Scissors. But you can also use probability to improve your Monopoly skills. In the video above, Business Insider breaks the process down.

Since there are more than three possible moves (rock, paper, scissors) and more than three possible outcomes (win, lose, draw) for each turn in Monopoly, it's a little more difficult to translate the math into a straightforward hack. But a lot of it comes down to understanding the different probabilities of rolling each particular number, and thus, how likely you are to land on certain spots. (This makes it easier to plot your real estate domination.) For example, just by knowing that there is a greater chance of two dice giving you a seven than any other number, you can try to plan ahead at least a move or two.

Youtube user, Business Insider

Remember, all of those percentages add up. Each time you take a turn, you have just a .4 percent chance of rolling three straight doubles and getting sent to jail. But over the course of a full game that chance jumps to 20 percent.