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The Weird Week in Review

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American Heart Association
American Heart Association / American Heart Association

Four Stroke Survivors Graduate High School

Within a span of two years, Abby Anderson, Blake Ephraim, Madeline Mudd, and Molly Ogden, who all live in the Kansas City area, suffered strokes. That’s unusual for high school students. Each of the four underwent surgery and therapy, and even though they went to four different schools, they became fast friends through their recoveries. All four are graduating from their respective schools this spring. The American Heart Association has each of their stories.

Man Stuck in Toilet Tweeted Railway for Help

On Sunday, Steven Staples of London was on a train and found himself locked in the toilet. No one could hear him, so he sent a Tweet to Southeastern Railway, saying,

I’m stuck in a toilet - just pulling into elephant and castle, please help. Going to Orpington

The company responded immediately, asking for details so they could determine which train he was on. Within about 15 minutes, the engineer arrived just after a young girl managed to open the door. Staples was glad to be free, and Tweeted his relief to the railroad company.

Hostage Negotiator Talks Men Down from Roof

Two men in North Wales were spotted on a roof, and police were called. North Wales Police sent a hostage negotiator to talk to the men and get them off the roof. There didn’t seem to be any danger in the two jumping, as the roof was on a one-story house and only eight feet off the ground. The negotiator talked to the men for 90 minutes and then they were brought to safety -and then arrested on several charges, including “using threatening behaviour with intent to cause fear of unlawful violence,” which is against the law in Wales. Meanwhile, many in Isle of Anglesey County are questioning whether a negotiator was necessary in this case.

Man Drives Truck Through His House

John Paul Jones Jr. of Senoia, Georgia, was fed up after a phone conversation with his wife. So he got in his pickup truck and drove from the back of his house to the front, straight through the house.

"The police came out here, I told them I needed air conditioning," said Jones. "They said, 'open a window.' I told them it wasn't enough. As you can see, I had a nice breeze." Even though he drove his pickup truck straight through a building, Jones said it's still running just fine. He lost a light and had to plug a tire, but aside from that, there are only a few scratches.

Jones is a contractor who’s been out of work, and repaired the big hole in his house over the next couple of days. There were no charges filed, because there is no law against driving your own truck through your own house.

110-year-old Recommends Beer for Long Life

Mark Behrends of Nebraska City, Nebraska, turned 110 years old last week. That makes him the oldest verified man living in the United States. Behrends lived on his own and even drove until age 106, and now lives in a nursing home. Dozens of friends and relatives showed up for his three-hour birthday party at a local church. When asked about the secret to his longevity, Behrends cited his habit of drinking a beer every day at 3PM. He doesn’t recommend any particular kind of beer- his daughter says Behrends always drank “whatever was around.” For a man who only retired at age 80, it seems like a good regimen.

Texas Teacher Eats Worms

Teachers at Clements/Parsons Elementary School in Copperas Cove, Texas, went the extra mile to ensure they didn’t have the same students in their classes next year. To motivate children for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness tests, which students are required to pass before they can advance to the next grade, the teaching staff promised if everyone passed that they would do "gross but awesome things.” When the students did well, one teacher kissed a guinea pig, while another ate frog legs.

But language arts teacher Michele Cox took the cake, by eating something very un-cake-like: She swallowed worms, of the gummy variety at first. "Most of them don't think you'll do it," she explains, so she began by implying she might not as well, before moving on to live earthworms. "It's OK. I chased it with chocolate," she says of the experience.

The teachers all say the effort was worth it.