Amelia Earhart Is Getting the LEGO Treatment

Amelia Earhart and aircraft in LEGO form.
Amelia Earhart and aircraft in LEGO form. / The LEGO Group
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The LEGO Group might best be known for rendering the whole world of pop culture in brick form, but they’ve definitely dabbled in other spheres, too. You can build a 9036-piece replica of the Colosseum, for example, or pay homage to Charles Dickens with the A Christmas Carol LEGO set.

Now, to celebrate International Women’s Day, LEGO has released a set featuring Amelia Earhart and her red Lockheed 5B Vega—the plane she flew across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932, making her the first woman to complete a transatlantic flight alone. As Brick Fanatics reports, LEGO designer Mel Caddick and her cohorts worked off actual blueprints of the aircraft to make sure the LEGO version matched it as closely as possible.

The plane rests on a black pedestal with a plaque that reads “Amelia Earhart: Aviation Pioneer.” Earhart’s minifigure is decked out in her trademark travel outfit—pants, brown leather jacket, aviator hat and goggles, and an ascot—and holding a map centered on the Atlantic Ocean.

Courage not included.
Courage not included. / The LEGO Group

Earhart’s disappearance five years after her record-making transatlantic trip remains a source of fascination; theories about her fate involve everything from Japanese prisons to giant coconut crabs. But while we may never know exactly what befell her during that fatal attempt to fly around the globe, we can still learn a lot from her fearlessness.

“I am hoping the model of Amelia Earhart can inspire and encourage, not only women, but all people around the world, to be curious and brave about their passions and aspirations—especially when facing rigid traditions, structures or the likes, that tries to keep them down,” Caddick said in an interview published on the LEGO product page. “Passions and aspirations are fragile, and they need nurturing, space and determination to unfold—and that is exactly what Amelia Earhart taught us.”

The LEGO set, valued at $20, isn’t currently available to buy on its own, but it’s free with any LEGO purchase over $100 from March 6 to March 14. Find out more information here.

[h/t Brick Fanatics]