Live Out Your '90s New York Fantasies With These New Seinfeld Funko Pop! Figures

Brittany Vincent
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What's better than rewatching every single episode of Seinfeld? Bringing home your favorite character and proudly displaying them on your shelf, naturally. Thanks to Funko, you can do just that with a brand-new series of Funko Pop! Seinfeld figures.

In addition to the standard 3.75-inch Pop! figures, the company is also releasing a new set of Seinfeld Funko Mini Moments, which include diminutive, adorable versions of the cast as well as pieces of a diorama that can be joined together to create a replica of Jerry's New York apartment.

Here's a look at what Funko has in store for die-hard Seinfeld fans over the coming months.

Seinfeld Funko Pop! Figures 


Whether you're partial to George's particular brand of neuroticism or you can't get enough of Elaine in her failed Urban Sombrero, there's a Pop! here for everyone. This wave of figures represents each character in the most recognizable way possible. From Jerry simply doing stand-up to Kramer in his underwear, these figures were torn straight from the screen to create vibrant, colorful figures to represent one of the funniest set of characters from the '90s.

- Jerry in a Puffy Shirt
- Jerry Doing Stand-Up
- Elaine in a Dress
- Elaine in a Sombrero
- George
- Kramer
- Underwear Kramer
- Yev Kassem (Soup Nazi)
- Newman

You can pre-order your favorite characters from Amazon right now. This current wave is targeting a May 29, 2021, release.

Seinfeld Funko Mini Moments Figures 


Sure, collecting your favorite Seinfeld characters in Funko Pop! form is great and all, but what about bringing entire scenes from the show into your home? The Mini Moments series is essentially a set of modular diorama playsets that Funko is introducing. There are six dioramas to collect, and when you combine them all, you get a miniature recreation of Jerry's humble New York abode.

These playsets will be available for $10 apiece and are set to ship in May 2021. They're available to preorder right now via Entertainment Earth.

- Jerry Seinfeld with Window Nook
- Elaine Benes with Chair and Table
- Kramer with Kitchen
- Newman with Front Door
- George Costanza with Couch
- Uncle Leo with Bookcase

If you're looking to make some additions to your burgeoning Funko library, these are some particularly great choices. Amass enough of them, and you can have a whole shelf full of toys about nothing.

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