Monopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on Sustainability

Hasbro/Amazon / Hasbro/Amazon
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Monopoly is all about greed. It's in the title, after all. The point is to buy up as many spaces on the board as possible while making a fortune for yourself. Everyone else can kick rocks as long as they're paying you.

Hasbro's Monopoly: Go Green Edition is changing that mindset up a bit by making the game board itself a little less selfish. That's because this special edition of Monopoly proves it's not all about you—it's about the planet we live on, too.


The entire Go Green Edition is crafted from sustainable materials. The packaging, game board, money, cards, and trays are made from 100-percent recycled paper. The game tokens themselves (including a dinosaur!) are made from a plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane, and the dice and houses come from responsibly sourced wood.

But it isn't just the physical game board and accessories that celebrate sustainability—the game's themes do the same. This edition finds players investing in renewable energy like solar fields and wind farms. And instead of taking railroads, you take bike paths. While the properties are the same and the rules remain unchanged, this vision of the game is decidedly much friendlier to the environment in several ways.

You can pick up your own copy of Monopoly: Go Green Edition on Amazon now. It's a great opportunity to try something new (while still familiar) and to get the whole family on board with making life a little greener.

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