Rest Easy With a Tracking Pad That Analyzes Your Sleep Quality and Fits Under Your Mattress

Withings Inc./Amazon
Withings Inc./Amazon / Withings Inc./Amazon
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Wearable technology has given users a glimpse into specific health metrics they never had easy access to before, like heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and more. But gauging your overall health doesn't begin and end with an exercise routine—monitoring the quality of your sleep is another key to your wellbeing. With the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad, now available on Amazon, you'll get all the information you need with the help of a device that won't disrupt a moment of shut-eye.

Withings Inc./Amazon

This clinically tested pad fits easily under your mattress, so you'll be spared having to wear a tracking watch around your wrist at night. Your only job is to sleep like you always do, and in the morning, you'll wake up to a report of how well you rested. The report can be sent through multiple different apps like Apple Health and Health Mate, or you can even ask Alexa to tell you the information. You’ll also receive a sleep score with your daily reports that will help you improve your sleep based on your tendencies.

In the analysis, you’ll get a rundown of your heart rate, sleep cycles, snoring patterns, breathing disturbances, and more. You can also create optimal sleeping conditions through the app by pairing it with the smart lights and thermostat in your home. The device uses a pneumatic sensor to read your vitals, and the system itself was developed alongside sleep physicians from Paris's Hôpital Béclère.

The Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is available on Amazon as a single for $99 or a two-pack for $180.

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