82-Year-Old Rides the Same Roller Coaster 95 Times in a Row


Larry Pieniazek, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 2.5

When 82-two-year old Vic Kleman rode the Jack Rabbit roller coaster at Kennywood amusement park in Pennsylvania for more than 8 hours this past Sunday, it wasn't because he was stuck on the ride. He did it on purpose. It was the roller coaster's 95th birthday, and Kleman decided the best way to celebrate was by ricocheting around the track 95 times

Throughout the day, which stretched from just before 11 a.m. to right around 7:15 p.m., friends and family joined Kleman on the ride. But while they disembarked, he stayed behind, never leaving his seat—the fifth one, which he says ensures the least bumpy ride—for the duration of his epic journey.

When it comes to the Jack Rabbit, Kleman has always subscribed to the belief that too much of a good thing is even better. He first rode the coaster in 1959 and since then has celebrated numerous milestones atop its rickety tracks. In 2010, for the ride's 90th, he stayed put for 90 rounds, and two years ago, he celebrated his 80th birthday with 80 more rides. In fact, he's ridden the Jack Rabbit so frequently—collecting slips from Kennywood staffers to commemorate each go-around—that during Sunday's marathon he surpassed the 5000 ride mark.

Both Kleman and the park staff were prepared for the big day: Kleman ate and drank very little prior to boarding, and Kennywood staff kept a paramedic on hand just in case.

"It's still fun. That's all I'm doing it for, is the fun. It's great for Kennywood, and I love Kennywood," Kleman told the Pittsburgh Tribune. "I felt pretty good afterward. Of course, there's no telling how I'll feel tomorrow morning."