Many of us are probably well overdue to dust away the old cobwebs of the past year and start fresh. And if you're in the mood for a floor-to-ceiling rejuvenation, Amazon has launched a spring cleaning store that is completely dedicated to showcasing the best products to get your living room, kitchen, and bathroom sparkling again without clearing out your wallet.

This page provides a range of products for any type of cleaning you need to do, whether you're looking for professional janitorial supplies for your business or just want a new broom at home to tackle a teenager's messy bedroom. You're also covered when it comes to big-ticket items, like this 4.5-star-rated Oreck Upright Cleaner, which is on sale for $130.

If you just want to stock up on the basics, Amazon's spring cleaning store has deals on pretty much everything you can think of, like surface cleaners, paper products, floor mats, and room sprays. But beyond the soaps, mops, and vacuums, you'll also find other spring-themed essentials, like a bulk order of 36 Kleenex boxes for the allergy sufferers out there. Or, you can get four cases of Purell hand sanitizer for $34.

Discover all the deals and discounts Amazon has in its spring cleaning store here. If you want to find more deals, discounts, and unique products, make sure to check out Amazon's handmade page, most-loved products page, warehouse section, coupon page, outlet store, and Launchpad page.

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