Learn Guitar Licks, Chords, and Scales With This Online Course

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Learning an instrument is the ideal hobby to help keep your mind active and creative juices flowing. And if you're looking to stay at home while nailing the basics, you can make it happen with the 2021 Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle. This 14-course pack of lessons is intended for beginners with foundational lessons to get you started. The bundle is taught by Dan Dresnok, a veteran session guitarist with specialties in jazz, bluegrass, blues, rock, and theory.

A lot of modern guitar styles have their roots in the blues, so the six-lesson Ultimate Blues Guitar Pack course will help you learn the genre's signature licks and chords that you’ve no doubt heard on countless albums. Then there's the Guitar Lick Foundations course, which takes you beyond the blues with a practice curriculum to train you with warm-ups, scales, rhythm, and strumming techniques.

It’s tough to beat the experience of learning an instrument from a live teacher, but an online class is the next best way to get started until it’s safe to resume in-person appointments. You can get your feet wet by learning all the notes and frets by name, basic theory, tabs, and barre chords. Then, when you are ready to travel to a class, you may be able to skip beginner-level lessons.

Start learning notes, scales, and chords while the course set is 98 percent off, bringing the final price to $30.

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