7-Eleven Is Ringing in Spring With Peeps-Flavored Lattes

William Thomas Cain/Stringer/Getty Images
William Thomas Cain/Stringer/Getty Images / William Thomas Cain/Stringer/Getty Images

A box of fresh and fluffy (or slightly stale) marshmallows isn't the only way to enjoy Peeps this Easter season. As Delish reports, nostalgic adults can now order the treat in the form of a sweet latte from 7-Eleven while supplies last.

This marks the second year the convenience store chain has offered special Peeps lattes as part of its line of coffee beverages. Like the original candy, the drink is marshmallow-flavored. In a news release, the company calls it a "rich, sweet coffee treat."


Fans of Peeps have a variety of candy-branded caffeinated beverages to choose from in 2021. On March 25, Pepsi announced it was teaming up with Peeps to launch a limited-edition line of marshmallow cola in pastel blue, pink, and yellow cans.

The exclusive Pepsi collaboration isn't available in stores, but luckily, the Peeps lattes are much easier to find at 7-Elevens nationwide. You can pick up yours now while they're still around. If coffee that tastes like marshmallows doesn't quite satisfy your Peeps craving, the traditional treat is also plentiful this time of year. Here are some facts to know about the sugary candy ahead of Easter on April 4, 2021.

[h/t Delish]