Identify Your Dog's Breed and Personality With a DNA Test

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If you just picked up a new dog from the shelter, your furry friend's exact breed may be a mystery. Most of the time, you'll be provided a vague estimate from vets and other pet professionals, but rarely anything concrete. And knowing a dog's breed is about more than just appearances—it can also help you figure out how big they'll get, what kind of food they should eat, and what potential health issues may be in their future. Thankfully, a cottage industry of dog DNA testing kits has popped up over the past few years to help you get those answers in a matter of weeks.

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is a painless cheek swab that will help you identify your dog’s breed mix so you can predict preventable health and behavioral hurdles with a list of their breed’s unique personality traits and predisposition to disease. Similar to human health, prevention is a key element in maintaining a dog's long, healthy life.

A DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test can uncover your dog’s DNA to alert you of genetic health concerns, or simply prepare you to make a dog with specific ailments more comfortable. Two weeks after the company receives the DNA sample, you'll get a full certificate with a breakdown of your dog's breed, along with the other important background information.

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