They’re All Good Dogs: YouTuber Builds an AI-Powered Machine That Compliments Canine Passersby

Group4 Studio/iStock via Getty Images
Group4 Studio/iStock via Getty Images / Group4 Studio/iStock via Getty Images

Artificial intelligence has pulled off some impressive feats, from designing beer to writing Harry Potter fan fiction. Now, the YouTuber behind the channel Ryder Calm Down has set up an AI device to perform a task that you didn't know the world needed: recognizing dogs and complimenting them when they walk by.

As Gizmodo reports, Ryder set off on his mission to spot dogs more efficiently using easily accessible technology. He pointed a Raspberry Pi camera out of his window after programming it with a machine-learning model trained to recognize approximately 80 different objects. For this project, he took advantage of the AI's ability to identify dogs.

Whenever a dog walked in front of the camera, the program announced it using a text-to-speech system hooked up to a megaphone. Ryder eventually programmed the device to broadcast a clip of himself saying, "I like your dog," which, based on the video, was more likely to provoke confusion than gratitude.

It isn't the easiest way to see more dogs on a daily basis, but this AI rig may be the most creative. You can watch the delightful experiment play out below.

[h/t Gizmodo]