High School Student Creates a Gameboy for Giants

Rebecca OConnell
hackaday.io / hackaday.io

High school student Ilhan Ünal has been interested in making things since he was three years old. By the age of five he was already experimenting with robotics. Earlier this year, he finished building his own spin on the Gameboy. It's just like the original, but much, much bigger.

The Gameboy XXL was unveiled at Nintendoom, a Belgian chiptune event. Using a Raspberry Pi computer and a 19-inch monitor, Ünal was able to craft a handheld fit for a giant. It only took him a month to put together.

The games come from a program developed by Raspberry Pi gaming project Retropie. Theoretically, the giant Gameboy can be used to play games from other consoles like NES and Atari 2600.

While it might not be practical, it definitely looks fun to play:

[h/t: DailyDot.com]