IKEA Might Release an Official Furniture Hack Kit


Figuring out how to turn cheap IKEA furniture into unique household treasures is something of an art. Sites like IKEAhackers.net specialize in finding ways to spice up the Scandinavian retailer’s ubiquitous products to better suit your home, turning shower racks into hanging gardens, cabinets into doggy food stations, and more

These DIY projects are so popular that IKEA itself might be getting in on the action. At a design expo in Sweden, IKEA recently proposed creating its own furniture hacking website, one where you could search for all the hacks available for each product. Then you could buy kits for hacking IKEA furniture from the retailer itself. Furniture that could be hacked would be labeled as such in the store.

Chandeliers created from IKEA lampan lamps. Image Credit: Daniel Saakes via Flickr // CC BY 2.0

According to Gizmodo, the official IKEA hack kit is still just an idea the company is toying with, but it’s almost guaranteed to be a popular program. IKEA apparently found the DIY furniture hack ideas threatening enough to its profits that it tried to shut down the competition, sending the owner of IKEAhackers.net a cease-and-desist letter. (The company later relented after fierce outcry from fans of the site, who, presumably, are also pretty loyal IKEA customers.) 

Those who find third-party Internet advice on furniture assembly too confusing are no doubt eagerly awaiting the arrival of more wordless IKEA diagrams showing them how to put together a TV stand/kitty litter box

[h/t: Gizmodo]