This Gigantic Star is Called "Nasty"

Shaunacy Ferro
NASA/Hubble / NASA/Hubble

Say hello to a big, weird star called Nasty. NaST1 is an aging, massive star much bigger than our sun, and it's located some 3000 light years away.

Nasty is a Wolf-Rayet star, meaning it’s evolving rapidly and losing its outer layers of hydrogen in the process. Recently observed by the Hubble Space Telescope, Nasty is surrounded by a 2-trillion-mile-wide gas disk, possibly from a yet-unseen companion star nearby. Wolf-Rayet stars generally lose gas in two twin streaks from either side of the star, so Nasty’s gassy disc is quite unusual—scientists have never observed anything like it before. Pretty!

[h/t: Eurekalert]