Fishy Situation: A Goldfish With a "Wheelchair"

Hayley Harding
Reddit / Reddit

For most fish, swimming is easy. But sometimes, a fish just needs a little help.

Redditors were delighted Thursday when user leability posted this picture of a goldfish who was having trouble swimming upright by itself. Corks float in water, so when the fish was wrapped up and attached to the cork, it could swim along upright with no trouble.

This fish isn't alone. The probable ailment that is preventing it from staying upright is actually very common. An infected swim bladder can come from many things, but Redditors said the likely cause was too much protein in the fish's diet.

Fret not: if your fish is suffering from the same problems, there's an easy fix. Feeding it soft, peeled peas is a good way to clear up the constipation the fish is likely facing and should have your finned friend back where it belongs in just a few days.

In other news, it is completely possible that this particular fish is now the star of the silliest goldfish picture on the planet.