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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Leicester Road Policing via Twitter
Leicester Road Policing via Twitter / Leicester Road Policing via Twitter

Car Recovered from Tree

A driver on the M69 in Leicester, UK, lost control of her vehicle about 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon and ended up in a tree. It is estimated that the car was going at about 100 mph. Both the driver and passenger walked away from the accident, or, in this case, climbed out of the tree. Still, they were taken to a hospital for a check. The woman who was driving was cited for “driving without due care and attention.” The car was later recovered from the tree by a crane.

Reports of His Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

Last Friday, emergency services were called to check on a man living in a high-rise apartment in Milwaukee after his girlfriend hadn’t heard from him in two days. First responders thought he was dead and did not try to revive him. Almost an hour later, the coroner pronounced him dead, and notified his family members. Then as the body of a 46-year-old man was being prepared for transport to the morgue, he started moving and breathing! A quick change was made to the plans, and the unnamed man was rushed to a hospital, where he was put in intensive care.

Oregon Town Outlaws Marijuana Smell

The city council of Pendleton, Oregon, passed an amendment to the city’s nuisance ordinance stating that if the smell of marijuana bothers someone outside of your property, you could be fined up to $500.

In response, Peter Walters wrote a letter asking the city to address a more pressing odor -that of farts. If a smell can be a nuisance, he posits, then fart smells should be deemed an even worse nuisance than the smell of marijuana.

Village to Hold Funeral for Duck

For 25 years, Desmond Drake lived in the village pond in Compton Martin, Somerset, UK. In recent years, he was the only remaining drake in the pond, as there are plans to return the pond to a more natural state. As the oldest and last resident male duck, Desmond was quite popular with the townspeople. But Desmond came to a bad end as the victim of a fox, which left only a pile of feathers behind. The town will hold a wake and a memorial service. Andrew Griffiths, owner of the pond, said the wake will be held at the local pub The Ring O'Bells.

"We said we would have a wake for the duck. When we decide to do it we will drop the flag to half-mast on the church. "We will all have a drink in the pub. He was a very long serving duck and member of the community. "He became family, he became a village icon. There was even a little society, the blood of the duck, and we would drink whiskey with a duck egg in. "Lots of people have been giving their condolences since his death."

No date has yet been set for the service.

30 People Thrown Out of Hotel Over a Waffle

Mason County (Michigan) Sheriff's deputies responded to a call at America's Best Value Inn in Pere Marquette Township. A fight had broken out over the dining room’s waffle iron on Sunday morning. Two women claimed the waffle that was in the waffle maker, which led to a shouting match with everyone in the dining room joining in. No one was injured, but the innkeeper told everyone involved to pack their bags and leave the hotel. Sheriff’s deputies stood by while guests left.