Recapture Your Favorite '90s Style With the Colorful Morphe x Lisa Frank Makeup Collection

Lisa Frank/Morphe
Lisa Frank/Morphe / Lisa Frank/Morphe
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Some things from the '80s and '90s should never go out of style, and now, the beauty brand Morphe is bringing back the magically kaleidoscopic universe of Lisa Frank with their new makeup collection.

Everything you loved about Lisa Frank during your awkward kid years has been transformed into a makeup range that will bring you back to the vibe of your favorite folder or Trapper Keeper from sixth grade. This collection features six products all based around classic Lisa Frank designs. First, there's the Paint It Playful Lip Crayon Trio ($22), which features bright pink and purple hues with the character Angel Kitty on the packaging. Then there's the Paint It Neutral Lip Crayon Trio ($22) featuring Casey and Caymus. If you can’t pick between the two sets, you can get both the lip trios for $29.

Lisa Frank/Morphe

For a bolder look, the Morphe x Lisa Frank eye shadow palette ($30) features 35 vibrant shades to play with. The best part is that you can choose from three different palette covers featuring Lisa Frank characters like the tiger Forrest, the aliens Zoomer and Zorbit, and the Prancing Unis.

There's more Technicolor charm to choose from with the Blend Bright set of six brushes ($32) and the Treat Me Sweet Beauty set of five beauty blenders ($19). If you're sold on all things Frank, you can get the whole collection for $99.

Shop the whole Morphe x Lisa Frank collection here.

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