Enjoy the Great Outdoors With a DIY Gazebo From Amazon

Palram/Amazon / Palram/Amazon
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For DIY enthusiasts looking for a little refuge from the confines of the home office, it might be time to take it up a notch with this full-fledged gazebo kit from Amazon.

The Palram Garda Garden Gazebo offers a spacious location for you to enjoy your backyard away from the sun’s rays. Measuring in at 19.5 feet by 17 feet, it's big enough to fit a couple of people inside in any weather. The high-impact, crystal clear acrylic walls will keep rain, snow, rust, or wind out, and the polycarbonate bronze-tinted roof panels block UV rays.


Use this pavilion as a place to entertain, work, or do yoga during the warmer months. All the materials you’ll need to construct this gazebo are here like pre-cut panels, six pre-assembled sliding double doors, and pre-drilled heavy-duty aluminum profiles. This gazebo also offers a 10-year limited warranty.

Two or three people can probably build this structure together in about a weekend or so, and if you get stuck, you can follow this trusty instruction video from Palram. The kit ships within three or four days, so make sure to order it now before the weather starts to heat up. Of course, the whole thing costs just a hair over $10,000, so you might want to find two or three people to chip in on it, too.

Get more details about the Palram Garda DIY Garden Gazebo on Amazon.

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